Ladies' YAHWEH Over Y'all Way Tee

Ladies' YAHWEH Over Y'all Way Tee

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Be Bold. Shine Bright. To God Be the Glory! #ARTNHVN

Ladies, Don't follow the trends....Be a TRENDSETTER with our ARTNHVN YAHWEH over Y'all way tee! This classic tee offers plenty of room and is ideal for most body types. Contoured and side seamed for a feminine fit ITEM RUNS SMALL. 

The YAHWEH over Ya'll Way Tee represents the PERSONAL relationship you have with the LORD your God and the boldness of your faith to follow HIS will, even when the world and popular culture say to do things differently.

YAHWEH is the generally accepted pronunciation of the Hebrew Tetragram YHWH. We first discover the sacred, personal name of God, I AM WHO I AM, in Exodus 3:13-15. Most bible translations will refer to God as I AM or LORD in this passage due to how sacred the personal name of God is.

Wear this tee proudly wherever you go, and know that God is sovereign and He is in control!